Eyelash extensions are everywhere these days and their popularity is growing. Why not? Over 50% of women would choose mascara if they could only use one makeup product. But what if your lashes were already long, lush, and dark?

If you’ve never had them before, finding the right place to go can be confusing. There is one on every corner and prices widely vary. Maybe you have a friend who knows a girl who wants to come right into your home. Maybe you’ve found someone offering lashes at a price that seems too good to be true. So which one is right for you?

I think it’s common sense to know that not all lash services are created equal. Things to consider are cleanliness, quality of workmanship and professional certification. Do they have suitable insurance? What if you’re not satisfied? Poorly applied lash extensions are not only ugly; they will cause discomfort as well as damage your natural lashes.

Not all technicians uphold the high standards that are set here at Urban Lashes Hamilton. The skill of applying individual eyelash extensions is extremely difficult. It’s time consuming. It’s expensive. These are your eyes so take care of them by taking a little time to research your options. Never be afraid to ask to see someone’s work or meet and talk to the person who will be applying your lashes. A true professional should always have legitimate before and after photos of their own work. Not just a fancy website.