Please, read through our frequently asked questions (FAQ). If you don’t find the answer you are looking for call us at (905) 388-3486 or email us at UrbanLashesHamilton@gmail.com.


What are eyelash extensions?

Eyelash extensions are synthetic individual eyelashes that are applied to your own natural lashes to create a thicker, fuller look. One extension is applied to one isolated natural lash in a manner that does not inhibit or damage the natural growth patterns of your own eyelashes.


How do I get an appointment?

Urban Lashes is a boutique located inside Tropical Sunsations Spa. Simply call and book appointment. (905) 388-3486. An eyelash technician will then contact you personally to confirm everything and answer any questions you might have.


How do I prepare for my appointment and what can I expect?

Please arrive with all makeup, lotions, creams, oils and dirt removed from around your eyes. Avoid wearing contacts (don’t forget to bring your glasses for the drive home!) It is recommended to not curl your lashes the day of your appointment. Wear comfortable clothing.

The entire procedure can take up to 2 hours. Sometimes longer depending on how many natural lashes you have and the look you are asking for. More time will be needed for initial consultation if it is your first visit with us. Great lashes take time.


Why do Urban Lashes eyelash extensions last so much longer?

There are 2 reasons why our eyelash extensions last so long.

1) The way in which they are attached. Lashes are bonded individually, one by one and then separated perfectly.

2) The quality of the adhesive – Our eyelash extensions are semi-permanent which means that our lashes last as long as your lashes do! The average life cycle of an individual eyelash is three months. Eyelashes fall or shed like the hairs on our head. So when an eyelash extension is attached to your own lash, the eyelash extension will fall out attached to your own lash when it naturally sheds.


 Are the products used FDA approved? Is it safe?

Various businesses will often claim they are using FDA approved products but there is no such thing. Currently the FDA does not regulate eyelash extensions because the eyelash extensions are applied to the natural eyelash hairs and do not touch the skin. The application process is pain-free and relaxing that most clients fall asleep during the procedure. However, improper application by an unqualified eyelash technician can cause damage to your natural lashes. We recommend only using a Certified Eyelash Extension Specialist.

Lashes used are Silk and Synthetic Mink. 100% cruelty free.


Is the lash extension adhesive “surgical grade”?

This is another claim made by many salons as a silly marketing tactic. The truth is that eyelash extension adhesives are not used in surgery or used to glue soft tissue on humans. Adhesives produced for medical applications have some similarities and may share an ingredient or two with eyelash extension adhesives but it is doubtful that if the local hospital runs out of surgical glue that they will reach for  lash adhesive.


How often are top ups/refills needed?

It is expected that 4 weeks after having a set of eyelash extensions done that you will have half a set remaining. This is why a top up is recommended to keep them looking full. Instructions are given to all new clients on their first visit explaining what to expect and how to care for their lash extensions.


 What if I decide not to have top ups/refills?

The eyelash extensions will eventually fall out with your own lashes as they naturally shed.


 Do they damage your lashes?

We all have different hair/lash types. At Urban Lashes we will always make recommendations on what lash lengths and widths are suitable for your specific lashes.


 Can I always have extensions or do my lashes need a rest?

Everyone is different. If you have been getting the “glam” look for a long time and your own natural lashes are thin and sparse, it may be hard on your lashes; weakening them and causing breakage. Choosing a more natural style that your own lashes can support may be necessary. Talk to us and we can help you decide whether or not you occasionally need to take them off and allow your natural lashes, skin and eye area to breath.

For others, having extensions may have no effect at all on the health of their lashes and no break is needed. Be it because their lashes are naturally stronger or because they opt for less dramatic and lighter style, these individuals can wear extensions indefinitely.

We always stress that cleanliness is key. Any type of buildup at the base of your lashes can lead to negative side effects. This is true for everyone whether you enjoy lash extensions or not.


Is it possible to have a top-up with Urban Lashes if I had eyelash extensions done by a different company? Can I mix different lash brands?

Yes. As long as they were done well we can attach more lashes. It’s fine to mix different lash brands, lash lengths and lash thicknesses. However if they were done poorly or in poor taste by a different company, we will likely recommend that you schedule a full removal before a new set is applied. If you are uncertain you are always welcome to drop by the salon and ask us in person to help assess your options.


Can you wear mascara or eyeliner with the eyelash extensions?

Technically yes. Beware anything that has oil in it. Water based makeup is the only safe choice for the life of your lashes. Oil free makeup removers and cleansers are a must if you are wearing any type of eye makeup. Mascara is not recommended with volume lashes. It’s not a great look.


Why choose Urban Lashes?

We are perfectionists, plain and simple. Three times certified, experienced, insured and professional, we take great pride in our work. We strive to exceed expectation. Our work is guaranteed.